Bulgaria is a small country in Eastern Europe, which has an ancient history, exclusive lifestyle and culture.
In this small country, you can find very interesting clash between the modern and the typical hectic city life while maintaining authentic ethnic life of the village.
Nature rich of mountains, amazing lakes, sea, mineral water and mud.
Interesting life, spirit and unique traditional Bulgarian cuisine can be find in this country.
One of the most famous traditional dishes (bulgarian food) that can be served in Bulgaria are: Tarator – summer soup with yogurt, Tripe soup (Shekembe chorba) – traditional local soup, Moussaka – a local dish with potatoes and minced , Ambirgine (Kyopoolu) – turned out quite tasty mix of eggplants and tomatoes etc., Chutney (Lyutenitsa) – loved by all traditional food, Shopska salad – incredibly fresh summer salad, Lukanka – local meat delicacy, Sudjuk – Local meat delicacy, Bulgarian cheese (Sirene), Yellow Cheese (Kashkaval), Boza – a local drink of wheat, Lokum, Halva, Baklava and Bulgarian banitsa .
Beside these delicacies of traditional Bulgarian cuisine, we have to not forgetting the great wines, which can be enjoyed from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and typical only for this region Mavrud. Wonderful red wine with a deep red color and great taste.
Traditional Bulgarian drink is called Rakia and produced from fermented fruit. The most popular are the grape, apricot and plum rakia.
In this small country of km ² you can enjoy beautiful beaches, resorts and spa resorts. Rich in healing mineral waters and mud. Almost across the country can find thermal springs, the most are find around Rhodope Mountains. There are places where one can find more than 80 thermal springs with various indications used to treat early Roman times.
Speaking of this country can not mention its symbol – Bulgarian rose.
In Bulgaria annually produces around 1.5 tonnes of rose oil. The country is the largest producer of high-quality rose oil. Bulgarian rose oil is used in perfumery world and preferred by companies like “Givenchy”, “Dior”, “Chanel,” “Lancome”, “Bvlgari”, “Kenzo” and others. Few people are aware, too, that to be a perfume durable and high quality must contain rose oil.
Bulgarian cosmetic production is directed to the production of products with rose oil and herb-based products.
Popular is its output of cosmetics from the seeds of the local grape variety Mavrud. The oil from these grape seed has a very rejuvenating effect – vitalizes and cleared by free radicals and toxins from every cell. Stimulate the entry of oxygen into the cells of the epidermis and powerful slowing the aging process.
Bulgaria is the source of manufacture of a yogurt in the world, but few people know that bacteria converting milk into yoghurt – Lactobacillus bulgaricus is grown only in this country and is exported worldwide.
Yogurt than amazing food is and very valuable cosmetic product. Used to masks for face, hair, body. The country is very common treatment by the sun burning through the spreading of the affected area with yogurt.
Visit or order products from that country and will definitely be pleased with the high quality of products and prices, which could find them.