1. When Customers are generating an order in the system on the online shop “BulgarianFood For You”, they provide personal data and they agree this data to be used for the purpose of carrying out the delivery of the ordered products by courier company. The Seller may not distribute or provide information to a Customer’s data to third parties, except at the request of the authorities to provide such data.
1.1 The main language on the online store is English, please fill in Latin your data to be able to acquire the system. Another language is eligible, when are attachments other language versions to the online store.
2. In these “Terms and Conditions” for brevity we will call company Amgnima Shop Ltd – Seller (or we), and the users who generating orders and payment orders in online shop “BulgarianFood For You” – Customers (or you).
3. By accepting these terms and conditions, the Customers of Online shop “BulgarianFood For You” they agree that the Seller and the system of Online shop “BulgarianFood For You” have the right to send of all customers – messages, messages about the status of their order, as well as marketing and promotional messages if they expressly declare their unwillingness we to do it.
4. In the event a payment of an order from a Customer for the purchase and delivery of products offered in the online store “BulgarianFood For You”, Seller and the Customer are concluded a contract which is in force 30 days in case the Customer didn’t receive the ordered products due to the fault of the Seller (which include all cases in which the Customer has paid products and the Seller is had all possibility to send them by courier but Seller did not do it and exclude all cases in which the Customer has paid products and the Seller didn’t send them due to the circumstances beyond his control), the Seller owes on the Customer a refund in full the amount paid by the Customer.
5. The customer has the right to cancel the order to 00.00 hours on the day in which it was made,for refuse the order due to a 10% penalty of the total amount of products ordered. This amount the Seller withheld from the Customer because the Seller has to pay fees for money transfer to refund paid Customer funds. Refusal of the order is carried out by binding with the Seller via e-meil form Contact us. When expires this period,the Seller accept that the order is confirmed by the Customer and the order starts to performed from the Seller.
6. The Seller does not accept the refusal of orders after the deadline in the preceding paragraph.
7. If a customer has generated order in the system of online shop “BulgarianFood For You” and the Customer not paid the ordered products, including the price of delivery, Seller not due to supply the generated order.
8. After payment of the order by the Customer and the expiration of the withdrawal period, the Seller prepares and sends the delivery to the Customer as the Seller trying to execute the order of the Customer as soon as possible.
9. Orders are accepted at any time of the day, but they begin to execute on the next day from the adoption (ie after the expiry of the period for withdrawal) from Monday to Friday.
10. Our goal is the Customer to be pleased and get the ordered products in good quality, so when we receive orders after Wednesday, which include perishable foods for remote destinations and orders which include perishable foods in the summer months, we will execute them on Monday in order to avoid bedsores products in postal and courier offices. We want to take care the food to stay as possible as fresh for the period of delivery.
11. Order fulfillment and transportation of supplies to customers takes a technological time look Shipping section in the main menu.
12. Online shop “BulgarianFood For You”, accepts only orders up to 30 kg., which due to the limitations in courier shipments. By accepting these terms and conditions, the Customers declares that they are informed for the text in the Shipping page in the main menu, where are written all peculiarities for supply of goods and quantitative restrictions and other restrictive measures for the supply of certain products offered by the online shop.
13. Upon request to order more products is necessary to generate a second order, which will be charged again with shipping fee, according to the weight of products, which are include in it.
14. Entered pounds of weight of each product are approximate and include the severity of the commercial packaging of the product, in order to calculate the total weight of your order for delivery.
15. Into all courier parcels is attached way-bill in which is described the contents of the parcel upon its acceptance for transportation by courier company.
16. In the event that the courier company selected by the customer can not to deliver the products ordered, we will make sure to find an alternative way our customers to get the ordered products.
17. In the event that any of the products turn out sold out after the payment of the order by the Customer, the Seller undertakes at written consent of the Customer to replace it with an alternative product or to refund the amount paid by Customer for this product.
18. Seller reserves the right to refuse to supply a product on Customer in case that exist unforeseeable circumstances nature related to the failure of the Seller to purchase the ordered product.
19. In order Customer care during the hottest summer months of July and August, in the event that we can not provide refrigerated transport for part or all countries that are serviced by the shop is possible temporarily until the autumn to stop taking orders from categories Meat Food, Dairy food, Banitsa (Pie), Sweet & Chocolate food. In need the occurrence of this circumstance will notify you promptly of the Home page of the online shop.
20.Persons under 18 years old is forbidden to make orders for alcohol!!!
21. We try to prepare the parcel to you with the best possible Security of the products during transport, but the company is not responsible for compromised integrity of the package, packaging and glassware during transportation to the customer by courier companies.
22. Upon receipt of the parcel with the ordered products, the customer is required to open the supply to check the contents of the package. If there are objections which are not specified in the general terms and delivery menu online shop (i.e exist problem for which the Customer is not been informed as risk involved in transporting products from the shop) the Customer has to prepare a protocol with the courier, which protokol will be give on us.
23. After receipt of the consignment from the Customer, online shop “BulgarianFood For You” does not accept subsequent claims. From this moment considered that the contract between the Seller and the Customer in relation to a particular order is completed and the contract is terminated without objections from both sides.
24. The company “Seller” guarantees the quality, the suitability and integrity of the package of the products until the moment of their handed over of the courier delivery company.
25. The company Seller is not responsible for any changes in quality of products from the moment of their handed over of the courier company until receipt by the customer, especially for products requiring specific conditions of storage.
26. Categorically Returns (Claims) are not accepted from the Seller for products from the categories – Meat Food, Dairy food, Banitsa (Pie), Sweet & Chocolate food. These are products which with accepting these terms and conditions, the customer is informed that can undergo changes as the period of delivery to the customer.
27. The seller keeps the right to send the order via another courier company, following the delivery time published in the website.
28. The company “Seller” is not responsible if there is a delay of delivery or customer does not receive the ordered products due to incorrect contact data i.e. if the couriers can not find him on the given shipping address and contact him by phone . Then the Customer shall pay to Seller a fee equal of the courier fee on the courier company chosed in the order for delivery to him and the courier fee for generating return of the products to the Seller!
29. The Seller reserves the right to change the prices which are announced in the online shop.
30. The logo and brand stores are protected from copying.
31. In situations requiring recovery of Customer funds, online shop “BulgarianFood For You”, will refund the funds within 14 days of the occurrence of circumstances led to the recovery of Customer funds.
32. Customers and other persons are not entitled to publish false information or to make comments with offensive and inappropriate content on Facebook page of online shop “BulgarianFood For You” or of others places.
33. Customers of online shop “BulgarianFood For You” undertake to comply with these terms and conditions, all other provisions of the Bulgarian and international law, even if these provisions are not specifically mentioned in these terms and conditions.
34.The company “Seller” reserves the right to modify and supplement the “Terms and Conditions” of the online shop, supplementing and the change is carried out with the placement of updated text in page “Terms and Conditions”, without the need to explicitly inform the customers and users of the shop for it.